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How Summertime Fleet Maintenance Keeps Warranties In Good Order

Summertime driving can be tough on your heavy-duty diesel trucks. Weather and road dangers abound for both long-haulers and local haulers.  Idling to pass through construction zones, sudden thundershowers producing slippery roads, and of course, extreme heat can produce unexpected problems. There’s more to fleet maintenance than topping off fluids, cleaning battery terminal ends, recharging…

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Win a Free DPF Cleaning from Advanced Emission!

Advanced Emission will be at the American Trucking Show

Have you been putting off regular DPF maintenance? Don’t hassle pulling your trucks offline for CARB emissions maintenance. Here at Advanced Emission, we have the solutions for avoiding downtime and still getting your DPFs cleaned. Learn about ways to keep your entire fleet trouble-free and on the road for the long haul—Talk with our CARB…

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Advanced Emission Supports Essential Truckers to Keep America Rolling

Our entire staff here at Advanced Emission delivers a big Thank You to all of our nation’s truck drivers! Without you, our economy would come to a screeching halt. Without the many hours you devote to on-time transport, goods would never make it by ship, rail, and plane to their final destinations. We recognize that…

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Presenting Low-Cost, OEM Quality Replacement Parts for Your Make and Model

Shows a graphic featuring aftermarket OEM DPF kits, v-clamps, & more

Expensive repairs and DPF overhauls can sideline your fleet. And they can sideline your business. Regularly scheduled DPF cleaning and maintenance is key to avoiding breakdowns, but with the long hours your fleet clocks in on the highways, sometimes repairs are necessary. Why pay full price when Advanced Emission offers you access to a giant…

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AECS Answers Your Questions About Ag Mileage Extension Status

The fallout of the Lawson CARB lawsuit prevented small truck companies to delay conforming to emissions requirements. In the Central Coast NOx-Exempt Counties. But did you know that when you operate under the AG Mileage Extension, you could take advantage of a special allowance for retrofits until January 1st of 2023? Download our AG Extension…

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AECS Busts the Myths Surrounding DPF Cleaning

Is replacing a dirty DPF with a remanufactured filter the cheapest method for handling gunked-up, malfunctioning filters?  Sure, when the check engine light is glowing on your dashboard, you’ll look for a quick fix to get back on the road. Reman units may be more cost-effective than replacing a filter with an aftermarket option. But…

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How to Save Money in the New Year with the Latest Diesel Emissions Solutions

Seeking new methods to conform to the latest CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations is a task we take seriously here at Advanced Emission. Closing out the last decade, we gazed into the future of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, as viable solutions reaching the newest CARB regulations. Now, as we enter into a brand New…

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