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Make a Pit Stop at AECS for CARB Regulation Compliance & Replacement Parts

How do you know which CARB regulation applies to you and how to toe the line to satisfy it?

Do you have time to sort out regulations when your primary concern is keeping your trucks on the road? Making sense of the most recent rules from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a challenge for fleet managers.

Here at AECS, we take the guesswork out of CARB regulations.

With more than 12 years of Central Valley emissions experience, we act as your full-service pit stop for guidance AND solutions to California diesel filter mandates. We begin with a complete custom CARB analysis. Whether you are a large fleet operator or an owner-operator, we use the Air Resources Board (ARB) fleet calculator to help you meet stringent CARB specifications:

  • Truck and Bus Regulation—The compliance deadline for vehicles under 26,000 GVWR began in January of 2015, and all trucks and buses must reduce emissions by 2023. The latest amendments to this rule were added in April of 2014. To guarantee that the release of diesel particulate matter (DPM) remains in check, fleet owners should expect regular inspections and audits. Find the current CA EPA Compliance Requirements Summary link at the Truck and Bus section of our website.
  • Small Fleet Regulation—Fleets with three or fewer vehicles and more than 14,000 GVWR must comply with this CARB mandate by showing that at least one truck in your fleet has a qualifying filter. The Small Fleets CARB Compliance Schedule, CARB fact sheets, and CARB compliance tool links are all found in the Small Fleet section of our website.
  • School Bus Regulation—Special care is taken in California to ensure that children are not exposed to high levels of diesel-related pollutants (DRPs) –School buses manufactured after April 1, 1977 must have efficient DPFs to reduce emissions by 85%. In fact, CARB rewards compliant fleets with financial incentives of up to $20,000 per school bus. Read more and visit links regarding School Bus studies and incentives at our website.

The heart of CARB emissions compliance is DPF maintenance. With AECS, you avoid downtime. You decide what works best for your schedule. For local Fresno area fleets, we provide convenient pickup and delivery. Ship your filter to us from any location, or let us handle the removing, cleaning, and installation at our shop with 24-hour turnaround available upon request. Our newest DPF maintenance service is mobile: We’ll meet you wherever you’re parked to keep your DPFs CARB-compliant.

Our DPF maintenance service begins with evaluating performance to determine airflow restrictions. AECS fully documents the state of your DPF before and after cleaning. We rely exclusively on the FSX Cleaning Process, the ONLY DPF cleaning system independently approved by top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). FSX cleaning technology will NOT damage catalyzed wash-coats and ceramic substrates.

This patented, 4-stage ultra-DPF cleaning system starts with the TrapBlaster®, which takes just 22 minutes to air scan and clean hardened ash on both sides of the DPF. The SootSucker® collects dust from the TrapBlaster®. Then the TrapTester® certifies the success of the cleaning by mimicking the airflow of a heavy-duty diesel engine. Finally, any thermal cleaning needed is performed by the TrapBurner®, which removes 100% of remaining DPF soot.

Within the first 2 minutes of cleaning, the AECS cleaning experts determine whether your DPF is damaged and in need of repair. As your full-service pit stop, we’ll repairs any minor defects. Our DPF cleaning experts take the time to trouble-shoot and complete the DPF repair with our huge inventory of replacement and retrofit parts.

Take advantage of our convenient online ordering service for DPF parts—Simply select the manufacturer, click on the part needed, pay online, and we’ll get it to you. Or you can pre-pay and we’ll install it for you. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

But where do you start? How do you know if your DPFs are in need of scheduled cleaning to be CARB compliant? How can you make sure that you’re ordering the correct parts for repairs and retrofits? That’s where our in-house Emission Consultants come in—Bob Gaffney our CARB Rules expert, and Stephen Davis, our sizing and installation specialist, will guide you in the right direction.

Contact us at 559-472-7301 to save a payload of money. When you’re CARB-compliant, your vehicles remain in service, and you avoid hefty fines and avoid steep DPF replacement costs (just one new DPF can cost up to $8,000!).

Discover more benefits of regularly scheduled DPF cleaning, and stay current on the latest news about diesel emissions compliance at our blog. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for handy tips and solutions. Steer straight ahead to AECS as your one-stop pit stop for your entire fleet. We look forward to helping you save money by keeping you on the road.

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