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dpf cleaning benefits

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are the emission control devices installed on all over-the-road diesel engines since 2007. They are designed to burn soot, but unburnable ash will naturally collect over time. This causes excessive backpressure and regenerations, leading to DPF failure, downtime, and reduced fuel economy.

Replacing a single DPF in your fleet can cost as much as $8,000! The affordable solution is to clean and service your DPF regularly, at a fraction of the price of a new filter.

Here are more ways to save money. Discover additional DPF cleaning benefits:

  • Meet EPA and CARB requirements—Avoid stiff fines. Starting with 2007 models, all on-road diesel heavy-duty engines (HDEs) must be equipped with DPFs. Older engines are to be retrofitted. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recommend filter cleanings every 200,000 miles, and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires retrofit cleaning at least once a year. Visit this website’s Rules Section for more detailed information.
  • Extend the life of your DPF and your engine—Research reveals that ash can begin hardening in filter cells as early as 150,000 miles. Ash that is left in DPF filter cells becomes harder to remove in subsequent cleanings, and it can lead to cracking and other damage. Our FSX DPF cleaning process get your filter functioning at peak performance between cleanings, thus maximizing the overall lifespan of the DPF.
  • Improve efficiency and fuel economy—When DPFs are clean and fully functional, they work at maximum efficiency. Once your DPF goes through our state-of-the-art FSX Advanced Cleaning System, you could see as much as a 1.1 MPG improvement across your fleet.
  • Keep your entire fleet on the road—Avoid unscheduled downtime. Ash and soot that is left unchecked in a DPF damages it beyond repair. Removing a vehicle from your fleet for any length of time can cost your business untold sums of money. Here at AECS, our DPF cleaning service is available on a 24-hour turnaround! We remove and install your DPF on site, so there’s no need to waste time bringing it in for cleaning. Or simply ship your filter to us for cleaning by Fed-Ex, UPS, or truck freight.

Save money and schedule your filter for a cleaning today—Reap all the DPF cleaning benefits by calling our AECS filter experts at (559) 472-7301. We’ll also make repairs on minor defects during the service, and you’ll receive full documentation of DPF recovery.