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Advanced Emission Supports Essential Truckers to Keep America Rolling

Our entire staff here at Advanced Emission delivers a big Thank You to all of our nation’s truck drivers! Without you, our economy would come to a screeching halt. Without the many hours you devote to on-time transport, goods would never make it by ship, rail, and plane to their final destinations. We recognize that businesses of every size and industry rely on you to deliver products and services quickly and safely across our nation.

We applaud your work and see our job as providing indispensible services to keep your trucks in perfect operating condition. After all, you’re moving over 71% of the nation’s freight by weight—That’s more than 11 billion tons of freight (source: American Trucking Associations). We’re here to keep you on the road, through thick and thin.

As your one-stop shop for services that enable you carry on for the long haul, we provide:

Low-Cost, OEM-Approved Quality Aftermarket Replacement Parts and Self-Contained One-Box Assembly Kits for DPF Cleaning—Our aftermarket DPF assembly kits for use in DPF cleaning save you $100 or more compared with installation, labor, and OEM parts from the dealer. We carry replacement parts for DPF service for every major make and model of DPF exhaust clamps and gasket kits, V-clamps, mini clamps, hose clamps, spring-loaded T-bold clamps, and constant torque clamps. Take the guesswork out of determining what you need for your truck. As part of our FSX advanced DPF cleaning service, we’ll determine within the first 2 minutes whether your DPF is in need of repair.

Can’t afford to take your truck offline to clean and diagnose your DPF? Our mobile DPF cleaning service comes to you!—We’ll diagnose the condition of your DPF and exhaust system and blast the gunk out of your DPF with our Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine DPF Pulse Cleaner.  If minor repairs are needed, we’ll perform the work on the spot then send you on your way. Our mobile services don’t stop there—ensure you are getting the fuel you paid for with our mobile prover service.

Our brand new addition of Dinex NOx Sensors and DPFs/DOCs—Check out the newest addition to our family of aftermarket parts! No worries about voiding your engine OEM warranty with Dinex, because you’re covered by a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty for all their parts, including gaskets and clamps necessary to complete the install. We carry the Dinex catalog of over 15,000 parts to keep you fully functioning and in compliance while saving you from running to the original manufacturer to spend big bucks. (Dinex DPFs/DOCs are not available in California)

AECS also provides you with the necessary compliance information to support you on the road. We stay current of the evolving and changing regulations that affect essential truckers:

Ag Mileage Extension for NOx Exempt Counties—Learn why performing a DPF retrofit before January of 2023 will offer you no end date and unlimited mileage for your truck. Get answers to your questions and download our handy Fact Sheet to discover how to take advantage of the money-saving retrofit allowance when operating under the Ag Mileage Extension.

COVID-19 Trucking Business Resources—We know you’re a member of the U.S. essential critical infrastructure workforce, and as such, Federal Declarations and Waivers keep you on the job, working long hours to provide ongoing deliveries of medical supplies, sanitation equipment, livestock and feed, and more. While you support others, AECS has your back. Our doors open so that your deliveries are uninterrupted. We follow the latest CDC Guidelines to keep you safe, and we provide a list of resources to guide your business through this pandemic. Invite AECS to ensure that your travels are trouble-free by contacting us at 559-240-6076. Thank you again for keeping America rolling and staying the course.

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