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Air Resource Board

California’s Air Resource Board (ARB) designed programs to ensure reduced emission levels from diesel sources.

The ARB actively seeks methods remove the cause of adverse health effects of diesel particulate matter (DPM) exposure. On a larger scale, they look to see California at the forefront of slowing the pace of global warming.

To accomplish these goals, the ARB actively researches cleaner methods of burning diesel fuel, more efficient engine retrofits with particle-trapping filters, and cutting-edge technologies that reduce emissions. They also explore new fuels that burn cleaner. Through their efforts, the ARB estimates that DPM exposure will drop by 50 percent, compared with 2010 levels.

The ARB website details their efforts. They developed Off-Road and On-Road programs to shrink smog-forming air pollution and toxins from diesel engines. To ensure that you are on top of information regarding stationary diesel engines and portable diesel equipment, diesel fuel regulations and information, and other nuances in state law, visit more detailed information on the CARB website.

Weeding through the regulations and educational information posted on the Air Resource Board website is tedious. The diesel certifications and verifications are difficult to interpret, alone. How can you determine which regulation applies to your individual vehicles, your fleets, and your business, as a whole?

Here on our AECS website, we summarized many of the Air Resource Board regulations in our online CARB Rules section—Use this section as an introduction to compliancy requirements. But better yet, give us a call for a no-obligation consultation at 559-472-7301. When you call, ask for Bob Gaffney, our on-staff Emissions Consultant. For specific questions regarding sizing and installation of diesel particulate filters, Stephen Davis is your main contact.

We pride ourselves in offering only the solutions necessary to meet the rules that apply to you. And we strive to work within budget to complete the retrofitting and cleaning services required. Let our experts bring your fleet into ARB compliance.