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Win a Free DPF Cleaning from Advanced Emission!

Advanced Emission will be at the American Trucking Show

Have you been putting off regular DPF maintenance? Don’t hassle pulling your trucks offline for CARB emissions maintenance. Here at Advanced Emission, we have the solutions for avoiding downtime and still getting your DPFs cleaned. Learn about ways to keep your entire fleet trouble-free and on the road for the long haul—Talk with our CARB experts in Booth #20 at the American Trucking Show on April 15th and 16th to discover the secrets to saving money on diesel emissions maintenance.

Plus, we’ll be holding a raffle to give away a FREE DPF cleaning!

Our in-house CARB emissions consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, are personally on hand to guide you through the maze of CARB Truck and Bus, Small Fleet, and Off-Road Vehicle regulations. As the Fresno area CARB consultation leaders, they have the experience to provide exacting solutions to help you save money throughout the entire lifespan of your fleet. Learn about the particular CARB regulations that apply to each vehicle in your fleet and the optimum means to save money so that your DPFs pass CARB inspection.

Don’t wait for the DPF warning lights to glow on your dashboard. By then, it may be too late. Frequent regeneration cycles, reduced fuel economy, loss of horsepower, and engine damage can lead to an expensive breakdown and expensive fines for EPA and CARB non-compliance. Dodge this bullet by scheduling a regular DPF cleaning for every 150,000 miles you are on the road. And take advantage of scheduling that cleaning with our CARB experts at the American Trucking Show while entering our raffle for your chance to win a FREE DPF cleaning!

You are probably thinking, “I can’t afford to take my trucks offline.” Our FXS TrapBlaster® can get most DPFs cleaned of 100% soot in only 22 minutes! We diagnose whether your DPF needs repair in the first 2 minutes of cleaning. We can come to you with our mobile service wherever you are parked, blasting that gunk out of your DPF with our Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine DPF Pulse Cleaner. We’ll even troubleshoot any issues and perform repairs—We carry an entire catalog of replacement and retrofit parts so that you can avoid spending thousands to drop in a new DPF.  

Advanced Emission also provides pick-up and delivery of your DPF, or you can choose to ship it to us for cleaning. At our convenient Fresno location, you can schedule 24-hour turnaround. It’s not just a DPF cleaning—We check your entire emissions system. Our team cleans OEM and retrofits, all makes and models, perform smoke testing, check and clear codes, handle retrofits, perform SCR systems troubleshooting and repairs, carry parts for all DPF systems, and keep you on track with 90-day inspections and oil changes.

Win a FREE DPF cleaning from Advanced Emission at the American Trucking Show, at the Fresno Fairgrounds, April 15th and 16th. We’ll be in booth #20 with our parent company, RV Jensen. They can help you get online with the Fleetwide fleet fueling cardlock system, accepted at over 55,000 Fuelman and CFN sites, and at 95 Love Travel Stops and 250 Pilot Travel Centers. The RV Jensen representatives will explain how you can control costs while keeping your drivers safe and comfortable on their routes. Can’t wait until the American Trucking Show? Contact the AECS emission experts at (559) 472-7301 to schedule your DPF cleaning and maintenance appointment, and if you win the raffle at the Show, that DPF cleaning is on us! We look forward to seeing you at the Show!

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