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DPF Cleaning for Diesel Pickup Trucks

How to Know When You Need DPF Cleaning for Your Diesel Pickup Truck

That DPF warning light glowing on your diesel pickup truck’s dashboard spells trouble. This is the signal that your diesel particulate filter is clogged to the point that your engine can’t vent its heat. Waiting until that light appears may be too late for DPF cleaning for your diesel pickup truck.

Or in another scenario, your truck fails smog inspection because of a dashboard DPF warning light. The smog shop doesn’t provide service for DPF replacement or cleaning.

In either instance, you could take your pickup to the dealer, but dealers don’t clean DPFs. They just replace them. They charge you to drop a new DPF into your truck, and the expensive labor to do so, too. This fix can run into thousands of dollars.

That’s ridiculous! Why not have your DPF cleaned at a fraction of that price at AECS?

shows a contractor standing next to diesel pickup truck

There has never been a service option to clean diesel pickup truck DPFs before now. AECS is introducing this cost-saving, groundbreaking solution with our new diagnostic software, the SOLUS™ Edge.

We can now clean your DPF, reset codes, and perform forced regenerations without the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty! Our new diagnostic software provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage for domestic, Asian, and European pickups. The SOLUS™ Edge software is capable of troubleshooting with vehicle-specific symptom tests. This software is capable of scanning hundreds of vehicles systems with the most comprehensive OEM-specific coverage. We also update the software to stay on top of the diagnosis codes for the most current vehicles. With our huge inventory of replacement and retrofit parts, AECS is equipped to handle the entire job, saving you a trip to the dealership.

We don’t believe in guesswork and don’t automatically assume your DPF needs to be replaced. When you bring your pickup into our Fresno headquarters, we run a code scan for a complete overview of your vehicle’s history. When repair codes are present, we take a closer look to see what’s causing them. The SOLUS™ Edge Fast-Track Troubleshooter Database gives us diagnostic information about DPF issues so that we can recommend cleaning, repair, and only when necessary, replacement. Our huge inventory of replacement and retrofit parts prevents us from sending you off to the dealership to empty out your bank account. We do it all in-house.

The AECS team is staffed with the recognized DPF experts of the Central Valley and the Central Coast. Unlike dealerships, we customize the solution to fit every truck that rolls in. By troubleshooting DPF repairs, we’ll clean and service all makes of filters according to OEM specifications. We use the most advanced methods for cleaning DPFs, safely removing 95% of accumulated ash.

Have questions? Contact our in-house DPF consultants at 559-472-7301 to get answers and set up a time to run the diagnostics on your pickup. Avoid the unnecessary costs of a dealership DPF replacement with AECS maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and DPF cleaning for your diesel pickup truck.