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AG Mileage Extension NOx FAQ — Get Answers to Your Questions and Make It to the Deadline

News Flash! When you are running vehicles under the Ag Extension in NOx Exempt Counties, just install a PM filter and you can transition into “NOx with a Filter” status. What does this mean? Why should you take advantage of this?

Here at Advanced Emission, we decipher the facts to help you save money and keep your heavy-duty agricultural diesel trucks and equipment in top operation for years to come.

For specific guidance, give our CARB experts a call for a no-cost consultation at 559-285-8727. To get started, we present our list of AG Mileage Extension NOx FAQs (frequently asked questions):

Ag Mileage Extension NOx FAQs

Still have questions? You could try to decipher this CARB regulation for yourself. Better yet, call upon the Advanced Emission in-house Emissions Consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, to navigate the AG Mileage Extension NOx regulation as it applies to you and your vehicles. Contact them today at 559-285-8727 for your no obligation appointment.