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Presenting Low-Cost, OEM Quality Replacement Parts for Your Make and Model

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Expensive repairs and DPF overhauls can sideline your fleet. And they can sideline your business. Regularly scheduled DPF cleaning and maintenance is key to avoiding breakdowns, but with the long hours your fleet clocks in on the highways, sometimes repairs are necessary. Why pay full price when Advanced Emission offers you access to a giant catalog of aftermarket OEM DPF kits and aftermarket V-clamps?  

We’re now providing money-saving OEM approved aftermarket and one-box assembly kits for use in DPF cleaning. Turn to us to save money on aftermarket OEM DPF exhaust clamps, DPF gasket kits, V-clamps, spring-loaded T-bolt clamps, mini clamps, hose clamps, constant torque clamps and more. Your major make and model are covered! Expect an average savings of $100 or more, compared to draining your account on brand new OEM parts, labor, and installation.

Flyer shows selection of aftermarket OEM DPF kits, v-clamps, & more
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Not sure if you need replacement parts? Call on Advanced Emission for advanced DPF cleaning and maintenance service. With our FSX cleaning system, you can rest at ease knowing that we are employing the only DPF cleaning system that is independently approved by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engineers. Our DPF cleaning experts evaluate whether your DPF needs repair within the first 2 minutes of cleaning. We’ll replace parts, right on the spot, to save you from hemorrhaging money to buy a brand new DPF or parts.

Can’t afford the downtime for DPF maintenance? We’ve solved that problem with our timely mobile DPF cleaning service. Our mobile team meets you wherever you’re parked and runs a quick check before cleaning ensues. They are trained to troubleshoot any issues and keep a full line on hand of aftermarket replacement and retrofit parts, including our new line of clamps and gasket kits. Our goal is to keep your vehicles out of the shop and on schedule to fulfill your contracts and please your customers.

Trust Advanced Emission for DPF repair and parts replacement. Examine our track record: more than 10 years of diesel emission service experience under the umbrella of our parent company, Robert V. Jensen, Inc., tells you that we don’t take shortcuts to meet compliancy standards. Our emission consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, stay abreast of all the recent CARB regulations nuances. This affords us the unique ability to create customized solutions to save you money while ensuring that emission standards are followed precisely.

No wonder our aftermarket OEM DPF kits, clamps, and gaskets form the perfect solution—We never try to fit a square peg into a round hole, selling you cookie-cutter solutions that don’t fit your needs or budget. Here, we pride ourselves on carrying the make and models of exactly what you’ll need to get back behind the wheel.

Stop paying so much money for OEM DPF parts, clamps, and gaskets. Contact AECS to navigate to the best priced retrofit and aftermarket replacement parts for your make and model: (559) 240-6076.

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