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AECS Keeps You Rolling With New Inventory: Replacement DPFs from Skyline®

Shows sign with Now Offering Skyline Replacement DPFs and pictures of various DPFs

The cost of replacing just one DPF (diesel particulate filter) in your fleet can total as much as $8000! Regular DPF cleaning is the best way to avoid this expenditure, but there comes a time when parts and filters need replacement. Here at AECS, we make it our job to keep you rolling with any replacement DPFs and retrofit parts you need.

AECS is your one-stop shop for parts from all the major manufacturers: ESW Group®, Huss, Donaldson, Hug Engineering, Pana-Pacific, and more. We’re excited to announce the newest brand addition our vast inventory: We will soon offer replacement DPFs from Skyline®, the supplier of some of the best-priced OEM (original equipment manufacturer) DPFs on the market!

The Skyline® brand provides aftermarket DPFs for heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks, school buses, shuttle buses, and motor coaches approved for direct replacement of OEM filters.  Their catalog covers DPFs for vehicles manufactured from 2007 to the present. Using their state-of-the-art Exact-Fit™ method of measurement, no additional welding or cutting is necessary for installation.

Skyline® is experienced in the development of aftermarket diesel replacement DPFs to meet today’s stringent emission standards. Their extensive performance testing means that you can trust their parts to extend the life of your fleet’s engines while keeping maintenance costs at a minimum. Initially, we’ll be offering Skyline® replacement DPFs everywhere but California as Skyline replacement DPFs are not verified for California yet. We are working with ESW to make the product CARB compliant.

Rely on our sizing and installation specialist, Stephen Davis, to guide you to the perfect retrofit and replacement parts to keep your fleet online and emission-compliant. In fact, if you don’t see your filter or part listed in our extensive online catalog, contact Mr. Davis at 559-472-7301, and he’ll track down exactly what you need.

With our regular DPF maintenance solutions, AECS prevents downtime for your fleet. During the first two minutes of DPF cleaning, we’ll diagnose whether your DPF needs repair or replacement. While troubleshooting, our DPF experts repair any minor defects before proceeding with cleaning. This is part of the FSX TrapTester® process, is the ONLY industry-approved test bench that accurately evaluates restricted airflow in the DPF while accurately determining the need for trap burner thermal cleaning. The TrapTester® is included in our FSX DPF Cleaning System technology, the ONLY DPF cleaning system independently approved by OEM engineers.

When replacement DPFs or parts are needed, we complete your repair by retrieving the necessary fix from our vast stock. If we don’t have the part or replacement DPF available, we’ll get it for you.

Shows sign with Now Offering Skyline Replacement DPFs and pictures of various DPFs

There’s no reason to pull in anywhere else when it comes to DPF maintenance, repair, and replacement. AECS prevents the financial burden of putting vehicles out-of-service. We even offer mobile DPF cleaning! Our parts and services, tailor-made for the commercial trucking industry, keep you rolling as your one-stop shop for all your diesel emission compliance needs. Looking for a part or replacement DPF to remain on the road? We’re on it!

Stay current with our newest services and replacement parts, including Skyline® aftermarket DPFs—Follow our blog, and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Contact us at 559-472-7301 to keep your fleet running in tip-top shape.

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