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We're Certified & Ready For Clean Truck Check Testing


Test Deliveries with the ONLY Mobile Fuel Prover in the Central Valley

How can you ensure that you are getting what you paid for when receiving fuel deliveries for your fleet?

shows photo of fuel prover

How accurate is that delivery? Stop wasting money and shave off room for error.

Don’t lose money! Check for the accuracy of your delivery with our new mobile fuel provers. You can’t get this service anywhere else—AECS is the ONLY agent licensed by the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) to offer this mobile fuel service throughout the entire Central Valley!

Our prover system enables us to verify fueling with an innovative meter that is certified and licensed for this particular service. And like our popular DPF cleaning service, we’ll come to you.

Gas meters can vary according to the rate of flow—They may perform differently at slower rates than they do at faster rates, and this is where errors can occur. Our trailer mounted volumetric prover simplifies this calibration. It is completely mobile and comes equipped with an on-board pump-off system to speed up operation. Plus, it calibrates high volumes with the precision you expect.

Here’s how it works: To verify that a shipment of fuel is accurate, we use a specialized container, or “standard”, with a capacity that is endorsed by a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) authorized laboratory. The test measure, or “provers”, must comply with NIST Handbook 105-3 to be acceptable as a field standard.

Our mobile prover service is fully approved for use by Local, City, County, California, and Federal laws, along with the Bureaus of Weights and Measures. In fact, we use the most innovative technology available to the U.S. Armed Forces, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to ensure exact measures of liquid volume.

Our goal is to protect our clients from fraud and honest mistakes in the transfer of fuel. When it comes to saving money and keeping in line with CDFA regulations, only our mobile fuel prover service makes the grade.

Verify that your Fuel Deliveries are correct - Contact us at (559) 472-7301 to receive a quote.