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AECS Busts the Myths Surrounding DPF Cleaning

Is replacing a dirty DPF with a remanufactured filter the cheapest method for handling gunked-up, malfunctioning filters?  Sure, when the check engine light is glowing on your dashboard, you’ll look for a quick fix to get back on the road. Reman units may be more cost-effective than replacing a filter with an aftermarket option. But according to a recent podcast episode of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report, your most cost-saving option is cleaning, not replacing, your diesel particulate filter.

Let’s bust the myths surrounding DPF cleaning:

Myth #1: Dropping in a reman DPF saves money compared to taking vehicles offline for DPF cleaning.

Put simply, you don’t know the history of the reman DPF. What contaminants have been in there? Was the coating damaged by ethanol glycol? Very little testing is performed on reman units, other than water and flow, so how long will that filter last? Remove all of these unknown factors by cleaning your existing DPFs.

Much like making an appointment to have your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office, scheduling regular DPF cleaning and maintenance prevents problems down the road which are much more costly (to the tune of upwards of $8,000 to replace one DPF, plus CARB penalties, extensive downtime, and towing costs). Issues are flagged during regular cleaning and maintenance, and replacement and retrofit parts can get you back on the road in no time. In the end, wouldn’t you rather clean a DPF than replace it? (Wouldn’t you rather have your teeth cleaned than replace your teeth?)

Myth #2: DPF cleaning voids out warranties, only accommodates certain models of DPFs, and you can’t be sure that DPFs are completely cleaned.

When OEM-approved DPF cleaning equipment is employed, warranties remain intact. AECS relies on the FSX Advanced Cleaning System, the ONLY DPF system that is independently approved by the engineers of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Our DPF cleaning system performs its job on any model of DPF and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst). And the revolutionary FSX system is the ONLY cleaning process that blasts both sides of the DPF.

Myth #3: DPF cleaning damages catalyzed wash-coats and ceramic substrates.

That DPF warning light can come back on when DPFs and DOCs are not thoroughly cleaned, because they still can’t filter gunk and oxidize soot. Our FSX Process includes documentation of the state of your DPF before and after cleaning. Since top OEMs approve of our cleaning technology, all DPF models can be cleaned safely. The patented FSX 4-stage cleaning process removes 100% of soot, keeping your fleet on the road and avoiding costly CARB penalties.

Myth #4: Taking trucks offline for DPF maintenance and cleaning takes too much time and impacts operating costs.

Our FSX System gets the work done like clockwork—We’ll assess whether your DPFs are in need of repair within the first 2 minutes of cleaning, and most DPFs are completely cleaned in a very short time-frame! We even offer 24-hour turnaround. Bring your vehicle into our convenient location in Fresno or ship your filter to us. Not fast enough? We’ll come to wherever you’re parked to keep your DPF road-worthy. Our experienced mobile DPF service technicians act like a dental hygienist that makes house calls, letting you get back to work with minimal interruption to your day.

Learn about all the benefits of keeping your DPFs clean and in optimal working condition, and discover whether your DPF is due for a cleaning and check-up.  Then contact our DPF filter cleaning team at 559-472-7301 to prevent more costly reman units, aftermarket parts, or complete DPF replacements.

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