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How to Save Money in the New Year with the Latest Diesel Emissions Solutions

Seeking new methods to conform to the latest CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations is a task we take seriously here at Advanced Emission. Closing out the last decade, we gazed into the future of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, as viable solutions reaching the newest CARB regulations. Now, as we enter into a brand New Year and a new decade, we continue our pledge to bring you the most innovative solutions for meeting the most stringent air quality rules in the nation. AND we save you money in the process.

To make sense of the CARB rules and understand exactly how they impact your business and your fleet in 2020, our trusted in-house emissions consultant team—Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis—is on-board and at your service. With over a dozen years of experience, they customize their recommendations to fit your needs and keep money in your pocket.

How can you save money by following the latest diesel emissions requirements in the New Year?

Regularly-scheduled DPF cleaning, maintenance, and diagnostics help you steer clear of stiff CARB fines, extend the life of your engine, avoid costly downtime and breakdowns, and increase fuel economy. 

Mobile DPF cleaning, where we roll out to where you are parked, gives you the freedom of keeping your fleet on the road while we blast your DPFs clean during a quick turnaround. 

Manufacturer-approved DPF cleaning for domestic, European, and Asian diesel pickup trucks that save you thousands by avoiding extravagant DPF replacement costs at the dealer.

Backup diesel generator maintenance—services that encompass initial inspections, set exercise, DPF cleaning, and examinations of lubrication, cooling, fuel, and battery systems—help you dodge major financial loss of business and reputation during power outages and PG & E power shutdowns

Mobile fuel prover service—the Central Valley’s ONLY mobile fuel prover—comes to you to ensure accurate fuel deliveries and prevent the loss of money from delivery errors.

Take the high road and use AECS cutting-edge diesel emissions services to keep your fleet and your business in a state of “all systems go” throughout the New Year. Or you could take the long route, sifting through the CARB Regulations for Trucks and Buses, and Generators, and more, and end up needlessly spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to gain compliance. Instead, read the CARB FAQs and contact our compliancy team at 559-472-7301 to save a truckload of money in the New Year.  The guidance you receive is completely complimentary, and there’s no obligation to make a purchase. From the entire AECS staff, we wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and New Decade!

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