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The Advanced Emission Lineup of Dinex Emission Products Goes the Extra Mile

When you need exhaust system replacement parts, you don’t have time to spare. That’s why our goal is to be your one-stop pit stop for all your heavy-duty trucking needs. To ensure we have the exact-fitting parts keep your fleet in service for a long future of long hours and long distances behind the wheel, we partnered with Dinex Emission, Inc. to provide a premier lineup of aftermarket diesel particulate filters (DPFs), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs), and NOx sensors (OE sensor replacements).

No Sales of Aftermarket DPFs or DOCs Are Permitted in California.

Discover why Dinex Aftermarket DPFs, DOCs, and NOx Sensors are the premier choice
for extending the lifespan of your heavy-duty fleet:


Aftermarket DPF Kits

Dinex aftermarket DPF Kits

We provide exact fits for Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, Paccar, Mack, Caterpillar, and Isuzu brands to keep you from wasting money on expensive OEM equivalents. Enjoy the performance of brand new parts built with stainless steel and high-grade platinum group metals that surpass OEM backpressure and particulate matter specs.  Available outside California.

Aftermarket DOC Kits

Dinex Aftermarket DOCs

Our supply includes exact fits for Cummins, Mack, Volvo, and Navistar brands and installs seamlessly with Dinex DPF Kits to successfully heat the exhaust and burn out lingering soot. High-grade stainless steel components exceed comparable ceramic cores in durability and lifespan. Available outside California.

Clamps to Fit DPF and DOC Pipes

Dinex Clamps

Optimum fit and deformation is ensured, because clamps are manufactured to form around the exact shape of your truck’s DPF and DOC pipes. The beveled shape creates a tight seal, the 360-degree seal helps to prevent leakage, and looped ends afford better adjustment range and band tension. Effortless assembly and disassembly allows you to breeze through maintenance and service.

DinSensor™ NOx Sensors

Dinex DinSensor NOx Sensors

Easily installs in Cummins, Volvo, Mack, Paccar, Detroit, Freightliner brands to fit Peterbilt, Kentworth, Cascadia, International trucks and more. Dinex NOx sensors match stringent OE standards: They are tested and accredited by a third party to accurately gauge nitrogen oxide (NO) emission levels for CARB compliancy. Emission control and Urea consumption is precisely balanced to ensure proper Urea dosing. Count on the Dinex DinSensor™ to confirm your exhaust after-treatment system is functioning properly. Available everywhere, including California.

Contact Us!

Contact the Advanced Emission replacement parts specialists at 559-240-6076 for answers to your questions and assistance ordering the aftermarket diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, and NOx sensors for the best fit.

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    Not all aftermarket DPFs, DOCs, and NOx sensors are created equal.

    Here at AECS, we rely on aftermarket parts from only the most dependable, trustworthy manufacturer—Trust the Dinex Group with over 35 years of business experience and an exhaust and emissions portfolio containing some 15,000 parts. Dinex guarantees their parts to be in stock. Imagine the catalog of premier replacement parts we now have at our disposal for you!

    Never worry about voiding your engine manufacturer’s warranty.

    All Dinex parts, including the clamps and gaskets necessary for installs, carry a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. You’re covered as long as the parts are replaced according to the engine manufacturer’s schedule.

    No skimping on quality.

    Parts are manufactured in the U.S. from formed metals, ceramics, and coatings that meet OE compliancy requirements.

    Aftermarket DPF Kits Are Not Available in California
    DOCs Are Not Available In California
    NOx Sensors Available Throughout the USA
    Dinex Aftermarket DPF Kits - shows benefits and make/models

    Download our Dinex DPF Kits Flyer

    Download our Dinex DOC Kits Flyer

    Download our Dinex NOx Sensors Flyer

    Why turn to the original manufacturer to waste hours of time and thousands of dollars when AECS offers the economical alternative? Let us ship the parts to you or handle the installation with your our extensive catalog of retrofit and replacement parts to keep your fleet fully functioning.

    Our experienced emissions pros protect your warranties with our comprehensive DPF service that includes troubleshooting and handling minor repairs, in addition to blasting that gunk out of your DPFs. Call upon AECS to keep your fleet’s DPFs in prime working order—Our Advanced Cleaning System and our Mobile Cleaning Service keep you on the road for the long haul.

    Here at AECS, we don’t just sell DPFs. We offer complete equipment support. Stay on the road and prevent unnecessary and costly downtime. Our doors are open to keep you in business—We’re answering the phones at 559-240-6076, and replying to email requests in a timely manner, to deliver the perfect-fitting replacement parts to cover your entire fleet.