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California Air Resources Board

California’s Air Resources Board (known as CARB or ARB) is known as California’s clean air agency. It is a division of the California Environment Protection Agency, and it is the only state with a separate pollution control regulatory agency, because it was established in 1967, before the passage of the Federal Clean Air Act.

The mission of the California Air Resources Board is to improve and maintain healthy air quality, protect the public from toxic air contaminants, and provide enforceable rules to meet these goals. The CARB pollution control program is considered one of the world’s most effective. For example, their effect on reducing airborne pollutants in Los Angeles are significant—Since 1980, annual smog exposure is down by 50 percent and levels of particulates dropped by 25 percent.

To accomplish these improvements, CARB sets and enforces emission standards while monitoring air quality. This state agency researches, educates, and guides businesses to achieve compliance, rather concentrating on policing methods. Visit CARB’s compliance training programs for more information.

The CARB recognizes that air pollution is a serious health hazard. Problems range from eye, throat, and breathing difficulties to lung damage, cancer, and early death. Toxic air particularly affects children, those that suffer from asthma, and those that are physically active outdoors. The state’s economy is also impacted, with billions of dollars lost in worker productivity and damage to crops, forests, and vegetation.

To reverse these effects of air pollution, the CARB Board members come from diverse backgrounds—From medical, chemistry, and physics expertise to legal and business expertise.

CARB continues to update emission rules according to the results from the newest research. In 2007, CARB adopted a State Implementation Plan, pledging to clean up air pollution within the next decade by reducing greenhouse gases. Many of the current rules for diesel emission requirements grew from this plan. Visit our CARB Rule section to review the regulations that apply to your fleet of vehicles.

Here at AECS, our team of emission experts stays current with the most recent rules handed down by the California Air Resources Board. By doing so, we can ensure your compliance with diesel emission standards. Our 60+ years of experience in the Central Valley demonstrates that we’re committed to providing customized solutions to meet CARB standards, within your budget. Reach us at 559-472-7301 for a private consultation.