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dpf cleaning service

The Lifeblood of Diesel Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is essential for complying with California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions requirements. Here at Advanced Emission Control Solutions, we’re at the forefront of DPF cleaning in the Central Valley and the Central Coast. We’ll clean any make or model of filter at our Fresno location. Take advantage of our installer locations conveniently located in Fresno, Santa Maria, and Bakersfield. With diesel emission experience dating back to 2004, AECS ensures increased fuel economy as an end result.

You Park It, We Clean It!

No need to worry about downtime. For local regions, we provide pickup and delivery for your convenience. Or ship your filter for cleaning using Fed-Ex, UPS, or truck freight. We can remove and install your filter, on site, to prevent wasting valuable time bringing it in for cleaning. We even offer cost-effective, 24-hour turnaround time, if needed.

AECS is with you at every step of the way throughout the cleaning process. Our reliable service begins by testing and inspecting your DPF with our state-of-the-art FSX testing equipment. You’ll receive a precise evaluation for airflow and micro-pore performance. Then, we’ll pulse clean, bake your system at high temperatures, and send your DPF through another cycle of pulse cleaning. See our Advanced Cleaning System web page for detailed information of our superior cleaning technology.

Expect our DPF cleaning team to recover even the most difficult-to-clean filters. If we discover any minor defects, we’ll repair them as part of our cleaning service. We’re happy to perform DPF troubleshooting—Count on AECS to have the replacement parts to handle any filter repair.

We use the most advanced cleaning system on the market today: the FSX system. This cleaning equipment received approval from the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The FSX Cleaning process will NOT damage ceramic substrates and catalyzed wash-coats. For your records, we document the state of your DPF before and after diesel particulate filter cleaning.

Concerned about the performance of your present DPF? Wondering what it takes for it to meet CARB standards? Take advantage of AECS premium Consulting Services: Bob Gaffney is our Emissions Consultant who can help you navigate the rules, and Stephen Davis is our DPF installation and sizing specialist. Contact them directly at 559-472-7301.

Explore our pages to learn details about our advanced cleaning system, how often to need your DPF cleaned, and the benefits of diesel particulate filter cleaning.

Our DPF Cleaning Services Include:

  • Consulting services for all of the California Air Resource Board regulations
  • Retrofit services to include pre-assessment, selection of the most appropriate DPF filter, installation, submittal of CARB info for reporting, as well as the warranty registration for the DPF filter
  • DPF cleaning of any make or model at our Fresno location
  • Repair and service all OEM Filters
  • DPF troubleshooting and service after the install
  • Opacity testing
  • Replacement parts and filter repair
  • Assist in warranty submissions and approval with existing Cleaire customers


• Donaldson - Both passive and plug in DPF systems

• ESW - ThermaCAT active DPF’s for on road and off road equipment

• ESW - CleanTech LongMile passive DPF and other products (Formally known as Cleaire)

• FSX - equipment and cleaning process - the world’s most advanced solution for removing ash and soot lodged in a DPF

• HUSS - TRU (Reefer) DPF’s and active DPF’s for on-road, off road and stationary equipment

• HUG  Engineering - Mobiclean R spare parts and accessories

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