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How Summertime Fleet Maintenance Keeps Warranties In Good Order

Summertime driving can be tough on your heavy-duty diesel trucks. Weather and road dangers abound for both long-haulers and local haulers.  Idling to pass through construction zones, sudden thundershowers producing slippery roads, and of course, extreme heat can produce unexpected problems. There’s more to fleet maintenance than topping off fluids, cleaning battery terminal ends, recharging your air conditioner, and checking tire wear and tire pressures before your rigs go out on the road.

Are your truck’s coolant hoses leak-free? Are your engine belts free of wear and tear? Have you been putting off that oil change? Here at Advanced Emission, we perform the obvious summer weather maintenance tasks plus we ensure your fleet is meeting all the scheduled maintenance milestones that keep your warranties intact.

We offer fleet maintenance to suit a wide range of requirements to cover your make and model of vehicle. Many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) require:

• Every 40,000 miles, valves must be adjusted according to particular clearance specifications

• Every 80,000 miles, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooler cleaning is recommended to keep the exhaust cool and circulating throughout the engine cylinders

• Every 150,000 miles, DPF (diesel particulate filter) must be cleaned and inspected to ensure PM (articulate matter) is burned in accordance with CARB (California Air Resources Board) and the federal EPA (Environment Protection Agency).

Of course, you could waste time taking your trucks offline to deliver them to different maintenance specialists to perform each of these required services. Why not take your entire fleet to just one heavy-duty diesel expert? Make only one pit stop at Advanced Emission or call on our mobile service to meet your vehicles wherever they are parked! Ask about our 24-hour turnaround service, too!

Advanced Emission is known for:

Premier FSX DPF cleaning at our Fresno location—Watch the video
• Mobile DPF cleaning—Our mobile unit comes to you with the Donaldson Gen2 DPF Pulse Cleaner
Replacement and retrofit parts—Whether our mobile unit or our in-house crew performs the maintenance, you have carte blanche access to our extensive catalog of parts, including Dinex emission products


• Individual consultation from our own experienced emission consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, to ensure you are meeting state and federal regulations while satisfying your warranties.

Prevent fines and voiding your warranties. And keep your drivers safe and comfortable. Contact us to learn about starting on a fleet maintenance schedule that steers clear of costly breakdowns. We’re here to help at 559-240-6076. Ask about our popular 90-day service!

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