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Truck and Bus Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) last approved the Truck and Bus regulation in December of 2008, with the latest amendments added in April of 2014. Like all CARB regulations, it was developed to reduce diesel emissions and diesel particulate matter (PM) throughout the state. The CARB regularly performs inspections and audits to enforce these rules, and they take infringements seriously, levying actions against violators.

The Truck and Bus Regulation phases in requirements for diesel truck and bus owners to reduce emissions by 2023. Requirements include installing particulate matter filters (DPFs and PM filters) or upgrading engines, depending on model year (MY) of the engine and the weight of the vehicle.

Who must follow the Truck and Bus regulation? Any fleets that are not covered under other CARB regulations. This includes heavy-duty, on-road diesel vehicles over 14,000 GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Find this weight rating on your truck’s door, in the jam area, to get started. Vehicles that are out-state that enter California, such as dump trucks, drill rigs, water trucks, concrete mixers, and tow trucks must also adhere to this regulation.

Heavier trucks and buses weigh more than 26,000 GVWR, and fleets with these vehicles, have the engine model years affected by the Truck and Bus regulation the soonest. The compliance deadline for lighter trucks and buses (under 26,00 GVWR) began in January of 2015. For the complete compliance schedule, download the current California EPA Compliance Requirements Summary.

This regulation primarily applies to privately owned diesel vehicles, or diesel vehicles owned by the Federal Government. It also includes trucks you own, whether you have a leasing arrangement with a California broker or motor carrier, or whether you contract your own loads.

California emission regulations are complex, and to pass compliancy, your company needs to follow them exactly. Contact us for our Consulting Services here at AECS, where our team of experts will help you navigate through the CARB Truck and Bus Rules. We’re also on board to perform necessary DPF cleaning and troubleshooting, along with filter retrofitting and replacement. Schedule an assessment today at 559-472-7301.