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We're Certified & Ready For Clean Truck Check Testing

Win a Free DPF Cleaning from Advanced Emission!

Advanced Emission will be at the American Trucking Show

Have you been putting off regular DPF maintenance? Don’t hassle pulling your trucks offline for CARB emissions maintenance. Here at Advanced Emission, we have the solutions for avoiding downtime and still getting your DPFs cleaned. Learn about ways to keep your entire fleet trouble-free and on the road for the long haul—Talk with our CARB…

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Advanced Emission Keeps Class 8 Trucks on the Road to Keep America in Business

Commercial vehicles with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of over 33,000 lbs. are the lifeblood of the US economy. These Class 8 Trucks are more than “heavy duty”—They are often called “severe duty”. They are the dump trucks and cement trucks that build our nation’s highways. They are the 18-wheelers that haul groceries to…

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Diesel Pickup Truck Service In Fresno Without The Wait!

diesel pickup truck service in fresno without the wait

You’ve got a job to do. The clock is ticking, but your diesel pickup needs servicing before you hit the road. Sure, most shops will take your truck, but there it sits, for days and weeks on end until someone can get to it. What’s the hold-up? Diesel truck shops are experiencing a perfect storm…

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Advanced Emission – The CARB Consultation Leaders In Fresno

Your DPF repair shop may just be a repair shop. Do they know all the ins-and-outs of CARB compliancy? Are your fleet’s DPFs maintained to the strict levels dictated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to avoid receiving a citation, Notice of Violation, and denial of DMV registration? Only AECS, the experts on all…

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Learn How to Save Money at Our Free AG Mileage Extension Forums

Ag Mileage Extension Forum

Take advantage of the CARB AG Mileage Extension to ensure your fleet is CARB-compliant. As long as you’re operating exclusively in the CARB NOx Exempt Areas of Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz Counties, you could avoid discarding out-of-compliance vehicles! Install a DPF retrofit to extend the life of your…

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Save Money On DPF Cleaning for Diesel Pickup Trucks!

Gas-powered pickup trucks are no match for diesel pickups when it comes to towing capacity for the demands of Central Valley agriculture. Their fuel economy, torque, and exhaust systems get heavy-duty hauling jobs done. Diesel pickups also make monetary sense when you log in on your business fleet of vehicles and plan to keep them…

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Read Our FAQs to Get Free Diesel Retrofits for Your Qualifying Oregon School Buses

The clock is ticking—It’s time to take advantage of no-cost diesel retrofits for your school buses. As of October of last year, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (the DEQ) opened their Diesel Grant Program to previously non-selected school districts. But you must act quickly, because the assistance of up to 100% to replace existing…

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Ensuring your company’s trucks are ready for the road ahead is our goal here at Advanced Emission Control Solutions. Our comprehensive Full Service Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Service covers you for the long haul. To show support for our country’s essential trucking industry, we’re offering $200 off our premium all-inclusive DPF service! Call…

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Let’s Get Your Fleet Tuned Up and Ready to Go!

Valve adjustments and DPF cleaning keep your drivers on the road for the long haul. Why waste valuable time taking your trucks offline and dropping them off at different shops to handle the maintenance, or spending your hard-earned profits on repairs at the dealership? Trust your entire fleet to the experts at Advanced Emission to…

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Stay Miles Ahead of CARB Regulations in 2021

CARB One-Stop Trucking Event on Jan. 25

We’ve all got New Year’s resolutions, and here’s a simple one to keep: ensure trouble-free hours on the road to increase your bottom line. Here at Advanced Emission, we make it easy for you to reach and maintain CARB compliance in 2021, keeping you on the road and avoiding violations. On Monday, January 25th, join…

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