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We're Certified & Ready For Clean Truck Check Testing

Let’s Get Your Fleet Tuned Up and Ready to Go!

Valve adjustments and DPF cleaning keep your drivers on the road for the long haul. Why waste valuable time taking your trucks offline and dropping them off at different shops to handle the maintenance, or spending your hard-earned profits on repairs at the dealership? Trust your entire fleet to the experts at Advanced Emission to keep your warranties intact for the recommended mileage thresholds for valve adjustments, DPF cleaning, and EGR cooler cleaning. And if you need replacement parts, we have everything you need.

What are the telltale signs that it’s time for an Advanced Emission pit stop?

• Loss of engine power, rough idling, and strange clattering noises may signal that you need a valve clearance adjustment.

• Engine knocking and pinging, valve seat cracking, exhaust leak hissing, overheating, and a glowing check engine light warning you of insufficient flow may mean the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system needs cleaning.

• Loss of horsepower, frequent regeneration cycles, failed smog tests, overinflated fuel costs, and a glowing DPF warning light can be sure signs that your DPF needs a thorough cleaning.

Don’t wait for these issues to come up! Here at Advanced Emission, we remain on top of the recommended manufacturer maintenance milestones that keep your fleet in prime running condition and keep your warranties valid.

How often do OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) require maintenance?

• Schedule valve clearance adjustments every 40,000 miles
• Schedule EGR cooler cleaning every 80,000 miles
• Schedule DPF cleaning every 150,000 miles (retrofits must be cleaned once per year or at about 1,000 hours of engine operation according to CARB)

When it comes to diesel particulate filters, noncompliance of EPA and CARB Rules can result in heavy fines. We keep you in the clear by including assessments and troubleshooting in every DPF cleaning service. The AECS DPF experts perform maintenance and repair on all OEM filters. We’ll also go over all work with a fine-tooth comb after the DPF install. Need replacement parts? We won’t send you elsewhere. Rely on our complete line of replacement parts from brands that you trust.

Watch a video of our premier FSX DPF cleaning system at work. Ship your DPF or drop off your vehicles at our Fresno location for a quick DPF cleaning turnaround. In just 22 minutes, most DPFs are thoroughly cleaned of airflow-impeding soot and gunk. Our FSX system is the only DPF cleaning equipment that:

1. Evaluates DPF airflow accurately according to industry standards
2. Cleans both sides of the DPF
3. Discovers and evaluates DPF damage during the first 2 minutes of cleaning
4. Removes 100% of soot
5. Certifies the results of cleaning according to industry standards

Pressed for time? Can’t take trucks offline for DPF cleaning? Our mobile DPF cleaning service rolls out to wherever you are parked so your work and deliveries continue uninterrupted. Our mobile cleaning experts remove your filter and then our Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty DPF Cleaning system goes to work to zap unburned ash and soot from your DPF with low-pressure air pulses. Of course, we’ll install your DPF at the conclusion of the process, and you’ll be on your way.  Just like our in-house DPF cleaning service, we’ll quickly examine and troubleshoot your filters for minor issues.

Do your research and compare costs. You’ll discover that relying on the reputation of Advanced Emission for valve, EGR, and DPF maintenance saves a truckload of money compared to visiting a variety of “specialists” or leaving your vehicle at the dealership. Contact our diesel emissions specialists, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, to get the scoop about how today’s CARB standards affect you and your fleet maintenance schedules. They’ll also steer you in the right direction to answer all your questions about the sizing and installation of DPFs.

Give us a call today to get on the calendar for one-stop, cash saving maintenance for your entire fleet: 559-240-6076.

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