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Save Money On DPF Cleaning for Diesel Pickup Trucks!

Gas-powered pickup trucks are no match for diesel pickups when it comes to towing capacity for the demands of Central Valley agriculture. Their fuel economy, torque, and exhaust systems get heavy-duty hauling jobs done. Diesel pickups also make monetary sense when you log in on your business fleet of vehicles and plan to keep them in service for years to come. The drawback: the cost of maintenance.

In the past, a gunked-up diesel particulate filter (DPF) spelled trouble. One telltale sign is when you experience a loss in fuel economy—a truck frequently needs to regenerate, or self-clean the DPF by over fueling for a short time to raise the temp of the exhaust system. Run a DPF into the ground, and that glowing light on the dashboard is the ominous sign that calamity is ahead for your bank account.

Until now, the expensive fix includes a trip to the dealership for a new DPF to the tune of thousands of dollars. They are not equipped to offer DPF cleaning and repair services, so they drop a new DPF in and charge you retail prices for the unit, plus expensive labor.

Take a detour and bypass the dealership altogether! Roll into AECS. Unlike dealerships, we don’t automatically assume that a dirty DPF needs to be replaced. Introducing our newest comprehensive premier service: DPF cleaning for diesel pickup trucks!

• Your manufacturer warranty remains intact—Our diagnostic software scans hundreds of domestic, European, and Asian pickups for OEM-specific diagnostic codes

• We rely on the groundbreaking SOLUS™ Edge Fast-Track Troubleshooter Database for identifying DPF issues—Our DPF experts pinpoint whether cleaning, repair, or replacement is necessary

• Our DPF cleaning comes at a fraction of the cost of a new DPF—We safely blast out 95% of the soot and ash that causes DPF failure

• We provide an extensive catalog of replacement and retrofit parts when repairs are called for—Eliminate the need for scouting out parts on your own

AECS is your one-stop pit stop for all the needs of your diesel pickup fleet: from DPF cleaning, to maintenance, to repairs. Learn more about how much money you could be saving by giving our team of DPF consultants a call at 559-240-6076. Schedule an appointment at our Fresno shop for our special brand of preventative DPF maintenance that can save you many thousands of dollars.

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