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Learn How to Save Money at Our Free AG Mileage Extension Forums

Ag Mileage Extension Forum

Take advantage of the CARB AG Mileage Extension to ensure your fleet is CARB-compliant. As long as you’re operating exclusively in the CARB NOx Exempt Areas of Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz Counties, you could avoid discarding out-of-compliance vehicles! Install a DPF retrofit to extend the life of your engine, improve fuel economy, and keep that vehicle on the road for the long haul. Under the AG Mileage Extension, get your DPF retrofit by January 1st of 2023, continue to maintain the DPF, and you’ll gain unlimited mileage and no end date for your truck.

Is your vehicle eligible? Ask your specific questions and get answers from our experts.

Learn about how to save money and satisfy CARB emission requirements from our in-house experts Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis at our AG Mileage Extension Forum, Tuesday, September 21st in Salinas and Wednesday, September 22nd in San Luis Obispo. Randy Opfer, from CARB’s Heavy Duty Incentive & Training Section, will also be on hand via Zoom to share the particulars of Off-Road Regulation requirements. Get in on money saving tips and additional Central Coast NOx Exempt County and Truck and Bus Regulation updates. Register now and attend for free!

At these forums, we’ll help you navigate CARB compliancy under the AG Mileage Extension. Learn:

• Which rules cover the transition from the AG Mileage Extension to “NOx w/a Filter”?
• What’s the deadline for installation of a replacement DPF filter to transition to the NOx option?
• Under what mileage limits is it possible to transfer to “NOx with a Filter”?
• Learn the benefits of DPF cleaning for diesel pickup trucks & more.

We’ll answer these questions and get under the hood to explain the ins and outs of the AG Mileage Extension at our free forums. 

Learn the Benefits of Scheduled DPF Cleaning for All Your Diesel Vehicles

We’re also adding the topic of DPF cleaning to our upcoming free forums. Discover how DPF cleaning benefits all your work vehicles, including the diesel pickup trucks that perform the heavy lifting on your farms, ranches, and outdoor facilities.

Cleaning DPFs, instead of replacing them, saves big dollars. Did you know that when you drop off your pickup at the dealer with your dashboard signaling that your DPF needs service, the dealer doesn’t clean them—They drop a new DPF and bill you for thousands of dollars! Bring your pickup to our DPF maintenance team at AECS, and we’ll clean and inspect your DPF for a tiny fraction of that price, without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Learn about the value of scheduling regular DPF cleaning for your heavy-duty vehicles and diesel pickup trucks. Contact us with your diesel emission questions, and find out how emission compliance saves you money. Schedule DPF cleaning to prevent DPF or vehicle replacement by calling us at 559-240-6076.

Download our Ag Mileage Extension Forum flyer to share.

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