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Diesel Pickup Truck Service In Fresno Without The Wait!

diesel pickup truck service in fresno without the wait

You’ve got a job to do. The clock is ticking, but your diesel pickup needs servicing before you hit the road. Sure, most shops will take your truck, but there it sits, for days and weeks on end until someone can get to it. What’s the hold-up?

Diesel truck shops are experiencing a perfect storm that spells inconvenience for you. The limited number of shops in the Fresno & Clovis area, supply chain hold-ups that leave shops without parts, and a shortage of semiconductor chips mean that you can be waiting an eternity to just have someone take a look under the hood.

Advanced Emission is your pit stop oasis. We’re here for you, getting you on the schedule at a moment’s notice and providing a speedy turnaround.

Here is the Advanced Emission difference:

• We have no shortage of expert employees to work on your pickup as soon as you pull in. We’re at the ready to handle maintenance and repairs: Anything from DPF cleaning to an oil change.

• Our groundbreaking SOLUS™ Edge diagnostic software analyzes vehicle-specific symptoms for hundreds of Asian, domestic, and European pick-ups. In a matter of minutes, codes are checked against the SOLUS™ OEM-specific Troubleshooter Database to pinpoint whether repair, replacement, or a DPF cleaning is in order.

• Our OEM-approved DPF cleaning equipment safely removes 95% of the junk that’s clogging your filter. Don’t waste money on a new DPF when yours simply needs a thorough cleaning.

• When replacement and retrofit parts are called for, we carry plenty in stock to perform the repair in-house. Your pickup won’t sit idle for weeks on end while we look overseas for cheap, substandard parts!

Get on the Advanced Emission service schedule today and have your pickup serviced, out the door, and on the road, instead of biding your time, wondering when the other Central Valley diesel truck shops can ever get you in. Skip the dealership and avoid the cost of dropping in a new DPF because they won’t do the repairs. Contact us at (559) 472-7301 for complete pickup and heavy-duty truck maintenance to get you through the holiday season and beyond.

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