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Advanced Emission Keeps Class 8 Trucks on the Road to Keep America in Business

Commercial vehicles with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of over 33,000 lbs. are the lifeblood of the US economy. These Class 8 Trucks are more than “heavy duty”—They are often called “severe duty”. They are the dump trucks and cement trucks that build our nation’s highways. They are the 18-wheelers that haul groceries to store shelves and keep food on our tables. Essential cargo and equipment, such as cars and construction equipment, are often loaded onto Class 8 vehicles for the long haul. Drayage trucks transporting cargo coming to or from ports and rail yards are also in this classification. And of course, firefighters depend upon non-commercial chassis trucks to get them to the action in emergencies.

Class 8 Trucks require special attention to stay on the road. An unscheduled breakdown is simply not acceptable for timely rescue, construction work, and delivery of food, goods, and equipment. Here at AECS, we get it. America comes to a standstill when Class 8 diesel trucks are out of service.

Maintenance is key.

Class 8 fleet owners can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Among the most expensive items to repair include:

• Emissions issues surrounding dirty, clogged up, and malfunctioning DPFs
• Insufficient follow-up to repairs
• Breakdowns that result in much more than unexpected sky-high repair costs—They cause customer delays, driver downtime, towing expenses, load damage, and more.

Prevention starts with understanding the ins and outs of the current CARB (California Air Resources Board) Truck and Bus Regulations as they apply to severe duty diesel trucks.

Certainly, you could research these rules for yourself, but do you understand how to be in compliance? How do these rules apply to your fleet, specifically? What about California DMV compliance verification? Before you go cross-eyed trying to make sense of all these regulations, including DPF (diesel particulate filter) care and maintenance, turn to the experts to sort the regulations out for you.

AECS has our own in-house Emissions Compliance Consultants that make it their business to keep up with the most recent changes to CA State regulations. Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis bring more than a dozen years of experience to help you glide through Truck and Bus Regulations compliancy, stay on the road without risk of untimely breakdowns, and save you money. Together, our two experts:

• Troubleshoot DPF issues—Whether you need DPF cleaning and inspection, repair, or replacement parts, AECS performs it all under one roof
• Schedule regular repair follow-up and maintenance—We keep your fleet in tip-top, road-worthy condition

Avoid the unexpected expense of taking a Class 8 Truck offline for repairs. Contact the AECS Emissions experts for a free, no-cost consultation at 559-472-7301. We offer the only full-service CARB emission consultation available in Fresno.

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