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How Summertime Fleet Maintenance Keeps Warranties In Good Order

Summertime driving can be tough on your heavy-duty diesel trucks. Weather and road dangers abound for both long-haulers and local haulers.  Idling to pass through construction zones, sudden thundershowers producing slippery roads, and of course, extreme heat can produce unexpected problems. There’s more to fleet maintenance than topping off fluids, cleaning battery terminal ends, recharging…

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Time Is Running Out On The Ag Mileage Extension!

The clock strikes on December 31st, 2022 for ALL diesel engine trucks from 2009 and earlier. You’ll need to retire them, put them out to pasture, and say goodbye to replace them with 2010 or newer trucks that meet California Air Resource Board (CARB) mandates. There’s one exception: When you are compliant by running under…

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Win a Free DPF Cleaning from Advanced Emission!

Advanced Emission will be at the American Trucking Show

Have you been putting off regular DPF maintenance? Don’t hassle pulling your trucks offline for CARB emissions maintenance. Here at Advanced Emission, we have the solutions for avoiding downtime and still getting your DPFs cleaned. Learn about ways to keep your entire fleet trouble-free and on the road for the long haul—Talk with our CARB…

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Advanced Emission – The CARB Consultation Leaders In Fresno

Your DPF repair shop may just be a repair shop. Do they know all the ins-and-outs of CARB compliancy? Are your fleet’s DPFs maintained to the strict levels dictated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to avoid receiving a citation, Notice of Violation, and denial of DMV registration? Only AECS, the experts on all…

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Advanced Emission Supports Essential Truckers to Keep America Rolling

Our entire staff here at Advanced Emission delivers a big Thank You to all of our nation’s truck drivers! Without you, our economy would come to a screeching halt. Without the many hours you devote to on-time transport, goods would never make it by ship, rail, and plane to their final destinations. We recognize that…

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AECS is Keeping America Rolling with a Big OEM DPF Cleaning Discount This May!

Ensuring your company’s trucks are ready for the road ahead is our goal here at Advanced Emission Control Solutions. Our comprehensive Full Service Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Service covers you for the long haul. To show support for our country’s essential trucking industry, we’re offering $200 off our premium all-inclusive DPF service! Avoid…

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AECS Mobile DPF Cleaning Keeps Your Fleet In Service To Meet Today’s National Demands

shows photo of new mobile dpf cleaning & maintenance service truck

Every truck in your fleet must adhere to an exacting schedule, whether delivering necessary goods to retailers, transporting parts and tools for construction, or dispatching time-sensitive cargo. Your customers are depending upon you, particularly during these times of national emergency. Taking drivers offline has the power to destroy your company’s reputation. But ignoring regular diesel…

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AECS Busts the Myths Surrounding DPF Cleaning

Is replacing a dirty DPF with a remanufactured filter the cheapest method for handling gunked-up, malfunctioning filters?  Sure, when the check engine light is glowing on your dashboard, you’ll look for a quick fix to get back on the road. Reman units may be more cost-effective than replacing a filter with an aftermarket option. But…

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How to Save Money in the New Year with the Latest Diesel Emissions Solutions

Seeking new methods to conform to the latest CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations is a task we take seriously here at Advanced Emission. Closing out the last decade, we gazed into the future of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, as viable solutions reaching the newest CARB regulations. Now, as we enter into a brand New…

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Discover the Secret to Surviving Through PG&E Shutdowns

Shows a male hand holding a lit up lightbulb with words, survive PG&E Shutdowns with Diesel Generator Maintenance

Manufacturing, agriculture, telecom, government, and retail and restaurant wholesale and retail service providers depend upon consistent electricity to stay in business. Up until recently, it was easy to take power for granted. PG&E shutoffs changed all of that. Unlike power outages caused by storms and downed lines, these shutoffs held the potential to last days…

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