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Expect a Rough Road Ahead When Warning Lights are Ignored

You can pretend they aren’t glowing right in front of you on your dashboard. You can cover them with duct tape and imagine they aren’t there. But once they become a nagging spotlight within your frame of sight, it’s too late. The DPF dashboard warning light tells you that frequent regeneration cycles caused diesel particulate filter damage.

Run your fleet on clogged DPFs and you’re on the road to shortened engine life. The backpressure taxes the engine, which can’t vent its heat. This engine block heat retention is a major contributing factor to premature engine overhaul.

Regeneration cycles only serve to oxidize soot and do nothing to remove ash. A thorough DPF cleaning is the only way to avoid that pesky dashboard light from foretelling a future of unplanned breakdowns around the corner.

Expect a major dent in your bottom line when you bypass DPF cleaning and maintenance. Daniel Mustafa, Assistant Manager of Technical Development at TravelCenters of America, urges to, “Get the cleaning done before it breaks…and you’ll never have an issue.” Your trucks will run better, and you’ll dodge soul-crushing repair bills of upwards of $11,000 per vehicle.

Advanced Emission Control Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your DPF needs. We feature the FSX advanced DPF cleaning system. This unique combination of patented cleaning equipment is the ONLY DPF cleaning system to be independently approved by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). It suits all models of DPFs. FSX built their cleaning equipment to specifically address unscheduled downtime, breakdowns, and DPF repairs.

OEMs recommend DPF cleaning and service every 200,000 miles. FSX recommends DPF cleaning a minimum of every 150,000 miles for long hauls, 100,000 miles for local stop and go, 75,000 miles for severe heavy-duty hauling, and 50,000 miles for transit, garbage, and trucks with prolonged idling.

Our AECS in-house emissions consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, have just one general rule of thumb: schedule DPF cleaning every 150,000 miles or at about 1,000 hours of engine operation. Ash begins to harden after this point, according to research and testing.

“Aftertreatment system maintenance is proving to be more costly than tire maintenance, making possibly the single most expensive maintenance item on today’s trucks. Parts costs are prohibitive, [and] the associated downtime can be crippling,” states Jim Park in Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.

Replace one DPF at the tune of $8,000, include the direct costs of towing, downtime, and CARB penalties, and the results are dismal: DPF malfunctions can bankrupt a fleet.

The good news is that you don’t need to sideline your fleet for a DPF maintenance pit stop! With our mobile DPF cleaning service, we travel to wherever you’re parked, blast those particulates out of your DPFs, and get you back on the road. Our Donaldson Gen2 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine DPF Pulse Cleaner on wheels does the job.

Why wait until those warning lights ominously signal doom for your DPF? Give the AECS DPF experts a call at 559-472-7301 to schedule your DPF maintenance and cleaning service, and warning light headaches will be a thing of the past!

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