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Time Is Running Out On The Ag Mileage Extension!

The clock strikes on December 31st, 2022 for ALL diesel engine trucks from 2009 and earlier. You’ll need to retire them, put them out to pasture, and say goodbye to replace them with 2010 or newer trucks that meet California Air Resource Board (CARB) mandates. There’s one exception: When you are compliant by running under the Ag Mileage Extension in NOx areas of the state, you’ve dodged this bullet.

Under the Ag Extension, you have the opportunity of participating in a special allowance for retrofits until January 1st of 2023! In fact, when you operate in the following NOx Exempt Counties, you have no end date and unlimited mileage for your diesel Ag vehicles as long as you maintain their diesel particulate filters (DPFs):

What do you need to do to qualify? If you are in one of the NOx Exempt Counties and you are running a vehicle under the Ag Extension, just install a PM filter and transition into “NOx with a Filter” status.
Maybe you’ve been putting this off. We know you can’t afford to take your vehicles offline. So here at Advanced Emission, we make it easy for you. We can travel to wherever you are with our mobile DPF service to drop in a compliant DPF.

Are you already compliant? Our mobile crew removes and examines your DPF for any issues. With our large stock of retrofit and replacement parts, if we detect any defects, we’ll execute minor repairs right then and there so that you can go safely on your way. We’ll even perform those pesky oil changes and 90-day inspections, too.

Our mobile features the Donaldson Gn2 heavy-Duty DPF cleaning system on board to blast the soot, ash, and hardened gunk out of your DPFs. We’ll accommodate a wide assortment of DPF sizes to get the job done.

There’s no need to press the “pause” button on completing your regular routes. With our mobile DPF truck, you are good to go, keeping your vehicles on the road for the long haul and satisfying the CARB Mileage Extension requirements.

Still confused about the Ag Mileage Extension? We have answers to your basic questions on our website. Better yet, give our in-in house CARB emissions expert, Bob Gaffney, a call. He’ll field your specific questions and offer advice customized for your fleet. Trust our experienced team at Advanced Emission to ensure that you can keep your present Ag vehicles in service into 2023 and beyond. Make a smooth conversion to “NOx with a Filter” status and contact us at (559) 472-7301.

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