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Now Performing Oil Changes

Enter the New Year and a New CARB Diesel Emissions Regulation.

Back in August, we broke the news about new CARB inspection and maintenance rules about to appear on the horizon. It’s now official: You’ll need to tow the line on CARB’s Heavy Duty Inspection Maintenance Regulation (HD I/M) program. This new smoke inspection program is designed to replace the annual diesel emissions smoke test, the…

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Beware: The EPA is Cracking Down on Diesel Emissions Delete Devices

Everyone is trying to save money these days. The cost of fuel and diesel replacement parts cause diesel emissions delete devices look very attractive. Smog-control workarounds and DPF deletes came about in 2013 when the EPA mandated systems for pollution control on diesel pickups. Manufacturers and performance enthusiasts were driven to uncover ways to bypass…

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Changes Are In the Air: New CARB Inspection and Maintenance Requirements Take Aim at Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions

The role of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is to implement effective solutions to curb air pollution in our state. In 2006, they additionally became the steward of the world’s first comprehensive programs to regulate mechanisms to achieve greenhouse gas reductions. CARB is in the driver’s seat on researching, monitoring, and adopting standards to…

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Time Is Running Out On The Ag Mileage Extension!

The clock strikes on December 31st, 2022 for ALL diesel engine trucks from 2009 and earlier. You’ll need to retire them, put them out to pasture, and say goodbye to replace them with 2010 or newer trucks that meet California Air Resource Board (CARB) mandates. There’s one exception: When you are compliant by running under…

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Advanced Emission – The CARB Consultation Leaders In Fresno

Your DPF repair shop may just be a repair shop. Do they know all the ins-and-outs of CARB compliancy? Are your fleet’s DPFs maintained to the strict levels dictated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to avoid receiving a citation, Notice of Violation, and denial of DMV registration? Only AECS, the experts on all…

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Read Our FAQs to Get Free Diesel Retrofits for Your Qualifying Oregon School Buses

The clock is ticking—It’s time to take advantage of no-cost diesel retrofits for your school buses. As of October of last year, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (the DEQ) opened their Diesel Grant Program to previously non-selected school districts. But you must act quickly, because the assistance of up to 100% to replace existing…

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Let’s Get Your Fleet Tuned Up and Ready to Go!

Valve adjustments and DPF cleaning keep your drivers on the road for the long haul. Why waste valuable time taking your trucks offline and dropping them off at different shops to handle the maintenance, or spending your hard-earned profits on repairs at the dealership? Trust your entire fleet to the experts at Advanced Emission to…

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Stay Miles Ahead of CARB Regulations in 2021

CARB One-Stop Trucking Event on Jan. 25

We’ve all got New Year’s resolutions, and here’s a simple one to keep: ensure trouble-free hours on the road to increase your bottom line. Here at Advanced Emission, we make it easy for you to reach and maintain CARB compliance in 2021, keeping you on the road and avoiding violations. On Monday, January 25th, join…

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DEQ Diesel Grant Program Provides Free Retrofits for Qualifying Oregon School Buses

DEQ Diesel Grant Program Provides Free Retrofits

The folly of the Volkswagen Group of America became Oregon’s pot of gold. Through a generous grant approved by the Oregon State Legislature in 2017, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) began releasing funds to reduce harmful diesel bus emissions through their School Bus Replacement and Emission Reduction Project. Your school district could qualify to…

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