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Diesel Generator Maintenance Service

Prevents Costly Standby Generator Failure

Announcing Our Newest Maintenance Service!

Continuous access to sustainable power is critical for daily functions at hospitals, airports, telecom buildings, government facilities, and power plants. Increasingly, companies across many business sectors rely on constant operation throughout operating hours. To keep your diesel generator at the ready for full emergency function, turn to the diesel generator maintenance service from Advanced Emission.

We prevent costly damage to your reputation when you cannot power up at a moment’s notice. AECS helps you avoid the expensive price tag of major engine repairs and overhauls that can accompany numerous start-stops and extended operating hours.

Reliable emergency generator function depends upon regularly scheduled, all-inclusive Diesel Generator Maintenance Service from AECS. We include everything you need for thorough generator upkeep:

  • Initial Inspection: We put your generator to the test while it is running, checking for telltale leaks at welds, joints, and gaskets in the exhaust system. We’ll check for fuel line cracks, abrasions, and excessive wear that can lead to breakage. We’ll check the starting battery terminals for evidence of corrosion that can hamper startup. And we’ll examine the oil pressure, engine fluid levels, and coolant temps while watching for proof of loss of power, increase in fuel consumption, misfires, vibrations, and smoke. Our initial inspection can reveal mechanical issues that create unsafe or hazardous conditions.
  • Lubrication Service: We change the oil according to the exacting standards set by the original engine manufacturer. A lubrication oil change is recommended once a year or per the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Cooling System Service: We check for the proper balance of coolant mixture of water, antifreeze, and additives as recommended by the engine manufacturer. We’ll verify the smooth operation of the coolant heater by testing that hot coolant is discharged properly from the outlet hose. We’ll also clean the outside of the radiator and inspect it for obstructions. When we discover low coolant levels, we’ll investigate for coolant leaks to prevent overheating and engine failure.
  • Fuel System Service: We drain fuel filter and water vapor according to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations while removing sediment buildup. We’ll also inspect charge-air hoses and piping for holes, cracks, leaks, damage, and loose connections. Flushing debris from the charge-air cooler and cleaning the engine intake components is an essential part of our service to prevent clogged fuel and air filters from retarding performance and contributing to excessive engine wear. We’ll also take a fuel sample to send to a trusted lab to be tested for water, oil, and/or algae.
  • Mobile DPF Cleaning Service: Our exclusive mobile service includes dismantling, inspection, repair, and replacement of DPFs on site. We’ll install DPFs after cleaning and test to ensure that you pass emission compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Rely on our mobile DPF cleaning service to put a stop to the loss of fuel economy, poor engine performance, voided DPF warranties, and more. Our in-house emissions consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, will also verify that you are CARB compliant and in line with current diesel generator emission standards.
  • Battery Service: Inspecting and testing batteries under load avoids generator start-up failures. When they don’t hold a proper charge and show a lack of terminal voltage under load, batteries must be replaced. Cleaning batteries around terminals, checking for the specific gravity of electrolyte in each cell, and checking the level of electrolytes extends the life of your battery. Because 80% of generator failure is due to battery faults, we regularly examine battery charger systems and alternators for any evidence of deterioration.
  • Generator Set Exercise: Testing the engine to run at specific loads avoids damage to injector units, which in turn cause engine oil contamination and ultimately engine damage. We’ll run regularly scheduled set exercises to identify issues, such as unburned fuel and carbonization, which can prevent your generator from taking its full rated load.

We’re the only emergency standby generator service that you need for all your maintenance needs. AECS comes to you with our mobile service to take care of it all, including fuel delivery, oil change, and DPF cleaning and repair. Forget about the possibility of your generator failing on you just when you need it most. Reach out to us at 559-472-7301 to get on the schedule.