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Diesel Pickup Truck Service In Fresno Without The Wait!

diesel pickup truck service in fresno without the wait

You’ve got a job to do. The clock is ticking, but your diesel pickup needs servicing before you hit the road. Sure, most shops will take your truck, but there it sits, for days and weeks on end until someone can get to it. What’s the hold-up? Diesel truck shops are experiencing a perfect storm…

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Learn How to Save Money at Our Free AG Mileage Extension Forums

Ag Mileage Extension Forum

Take advantage of the CARB AG Mileage Extension to ensure your fleet is CARB-compliant. As long as you’re operating exclusively in the CARB NOx Exempt Areas of Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz Counties, you could avoid discarding out-of-compliance vehicles! Install a DPF retrofit to extend the life of your…

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Save Money On DPF Cleaning for Diesel Pickup Trucks!

Gas-powered pickup trucks are no match for diesel pickups when it comes to towing capacity for the demands of Central Valley agriculture. Their fuel economy, torque, and exhaust systems get heavy-duty hauling jobs done. Diesel pickups also make monetary sense when you log in on your business fleet of vehicles and plan to keep them…

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