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The New Off-Road Equipment Regulation and Renewable Diesel Year-End Roundup

As we approach the end of 2023, we’re bringing you a summary of what’s happening with current Off-Road Vehicle requirements and the newest in renewable diesel offerings to ring in the New Year.

We reported back in April that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will be instigating major changes to the Off-Road Regulation starting January 1st 2024. Are you ready? All fleets must provide contracts and fueling receipts annually to prove your fleet-owned and rental off-road vehicles are running on R99 and R100 renewable diesel (RD) fuels only. Or, you must provide proof of attempts to get these fuels. To get the facts, review this new regulation on CARB’s website and get a refresher on CARB’’s basic Off-Road Vehicle Regulation requirements.

What’s the big deal about renewable diesel fuels?

Renewable diesel is not a fossil fuel or biodiesel. It’s made from renewable raw organic matter and is synthetically re-engineered to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80%. RD fuels produce a full 50% less greenhouse gasses when burned, as compared with standard diesel fuels. CARB passes RD fuels with flying colors, to meet their Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

Do I need to take my fleet out of service and overhaul emission systems to make combusting RD fuels possible?

Absolutely no modifications are necessary! RD can be used in a blend, or even 100%, in any model of diesel engine! This revolutionary fuel is a chemical twin to standard petroleum diesel, so you can safely fuel up any make of truck on it.

Do trucks running on RD fuels require more maintenance pit stops?

The beauty of RD fuels is that they create fewer DPF regeneration cycles. This low CO2 diesel fuel contributes to better performance because it creates more power per cycle by burning more efficiently. Simply put, the exhaust emissions are lower and the need for particle regeneration is reduced. RD fuel also exceeds expectations in cold weather performance (down to -4˚F).

You’ll really see the difference in fuel efficiency when sitting in stop-and-go situations and when idling. The savings in maintenance costs are proven—Costs are profoundly reduced when compared to running on traditional petroleum diesel. Operators of garbage trucks and utility bucket trucks report greater efficiency on RD fuels, according to Most HD vehicle manufacturers have put their stamps of approval on the use of pure renewable diesel.

Does Renewable Diesel need to be handled any differently than conventional diesel fuel?

Renewable diesel fuels don’t deteriorate in storage because they do not attract water, so microbial growth is impossible. These amazing fuels require no unusual handling and are readily available in the current pipeline.

How do I find R99 and R100 renewable diesel fuels for my fleet so that I’ll be compliant with the new CARB regulation?

As part of the RV Jensen, Inc. family, Advanced Emissions Control Solutions has a direct route to usage and storage solutions of RD fuels. They provide easy access to renewable diesel, with over 50 years of fuel distribution service to customers throughout California.

Get your Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment in gear for the New Year. Contact our in-house emissions consultants to get started at (559) 472-7301 and contact the fuel distribution specialists at RV Jensen to be supplied to meet CARB standards.

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