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Improve Your CSA Score – Get On Board with the Latest Technology

Shows photos of ELDs and Telematics to help improve CSA Scores

By the end of this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Final Rule will require that commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) replace paper logs with electronic logging devices (ELDs) to improve safety. To enable smooth, FMCSA safety operations, telematics (state-of-the-art communication technology) enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet operations. Together, ELDs and telematics devices work together to ensure your CSA score stays in check.

How ELDs improve your CSA Score

These little black boxes keep track of each driver’s hours-of-service (HOS) and automatically log driving activities. This up-to-the-minute electronic record serves as accurate proof for FMCSA compliancy, making data readily available for roadside inspections. Cash in on the monetary savings with an improved FMSCA safety score. You’ll experience reduced insurance premiums and higher profits on loads.

How to Choose an Affordable ELD that Conforms to FMSCA Regulations

Here at AECS, we offer the best ELD on the market—VDO RoadLog™ Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR). It received 4.8 out of 5 stars by fleet owners and operators for its ease-of use on the Commercial Carrier Journal’s website. VDO RoadLog™ is the only complete, regulatory device you’ll need. Besides archiving driving records, it also maintains GPS-accurate data.

Installation takes less than 15 minutes—Just plug it into the driver key, log in, and you’re off. VDO RoadLog™ comes equipped with a built-in thermal printer, unlike other ELDs on the market. The printout looks like any familiar paper log, except it’s printed on paper that is designed to withstand fading. After the trip, download driver events, shipping documentation, and assets updates onto your driver key for your complete record of FMSCA compliancy.

Forget about monthly contracts and fees. Choose VDO RoadLog™ models and software to fit your needs and budget, and then expect to save as much as 30% on insurance premiums and nearly $300 per month, per vehicle for HOS and IFTA report processing.

How Telematics Improve your CSA Score

Telematics are your Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite connections that enable consistent and precise GPS tracking. You CSA score stays intact with the aid of telematics to chronicle fuel taxes, collect individual driver logs, and uphold the CSA 2010 Safety Accountability Program Directives. Drop the cost of heavy-duty truck ownership by as much as 10%–Telematics significantly reduce incidences of downtime, breakdowns, and repairs.

How to Choose an Affordable Telematics Device for Compliance

AECS offers a menu of the most state-of-the-art devices to do the job, whether you are seeking to keep track of GPS calculations for HOS, turn-by-turn directions for logging and dispatch, hands-free capabilities for safe operation, automated fuel tax information, or toll costs and road atlases. Of course, telematics ensure seamless driver/fleet communications. View our wide range of telematics systems.

Get on the Road to Score Improvement

Discover your current score. Then contact the compliancy experts at AECS to get in line with FMSCA rules. Phone us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 559-472-7301. We’re here to help you save dollars while conforming to fleet safety regulations.

Shows photos of ELDs and Telematics to help improve CSA Scores

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