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Emerging Technologies

AECS is the Central Valley’s innovator in emerging technologies. With the success of VDO RoadLog™ ELDs and our exclusive FSX Cleaning Service for DPFs, we look to offer additional technological advances. We are adding to our core business of DPF filters exciting stationary fuel cells that produce hydrogen from natural gas or liquid natural gas to produce electricity, heat, and water. This will be a boon to our customers who are looking for the ultimate backup or primary source of power. Watch for more information on our site in days to come.

You’ll find details of our premium AECS series throughout our website. Contact us at 559-472-7301 for all of your vehicle compliance needs.

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Under the Ag Extension, you have the opportunity of participating in a special allowance for retrofits, but time is running out. Read our new Ag Mileage Extension NOx FAQ to learn more:

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