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Announcing the New AECS Website—The Online Home of DPF Cleaning and Replacement Parts

Shows brands of replacement parts and retrofit parts for DPF service

Advanced Emission Control Solutions (AECS) now has an online home for all your diesel compliancy needs. We’re bringing you a one-stop shop that you can access 24/7 from your computer or any mobile device, including a smart phone or tablet. Now you can access while you are on the road to look up the most recent CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations, schedule a DPF cleaning, and order replacement parts.

What makes our website different?

We go beyond simply providing information about rules and regulations. We make sense of them.
With over a decade of Emissions Consultancy experience in the Central Valley, you can trust the information we’re providing on our website. Plus, you can call on our experts to offer custom solutions to fit your specific need. AECS guides you through the compliancy process and beyond, providing DPF maintenance and troubleshooting.

Start with our CARB FAQs page

Get quick answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about diesel emissions compliancy. This page sorts out the basics, particularly if you are new to CARB rules. Learn how the right ELD can increase your CSA score, whether a diesel retrofit is necessary, and more.

Discover the CARB regulations that apply to your fleet

Sort out the info that applies to you. We have a CARB regulations page devoted to each category of compliance. We link you to valuable resources, including current California EPA Compliance Requirements, the ELD (electronic logging device) Compliance Test Procedures, the ELD Final Rule, CARB fact sheets, and the newest amendments and final regulations.

Simplify DPF maintenance with AECS state-of-the-art DPF cleaning

Find out how to avoid downtime with convenient pick-up and delivery of your filter. Or ship it to us. Ask about our 24-our turnaround. We pride ourselves on cleaning any make or model of DPF (diesel particulate filter) from the Central Valley to the Central Coast. Watch a video of our FSX advanced cleaning system in action, find out how frequently you need to clean DPFs, and learn the benefits of DPF cleaning (and how much it can save your company).

Protect your CSA Score with our premium ELD technology

We offer the only ELD (Electronic Logging Device) with a built-in thermal printer. Logs look like the old-fashioned paper logs, but the paper won’t fade. With installation that takes just 15 minutes, you’re back on the road with VDO RoadLog™, the compliant FMCSA solution that saves you money in data processing fees, insurance premiums, and HOS and IFTA report processing. We also offer a full range of Telematics solutions!

Order specific replacement parts and retrofit parts for DPF compliancy

Check out our wide variety of parts online. Just click on the brand, look up your part, and order it right here on our website! And if you don’t see your part listed, we’ll hunt it down for you.

In fact, our website is more than an online encyclopedia for CARB and FMCSA information—We take it to the next step. Contact our experienced emissions consultants for a no-obligation assessment of your emission needs—Ask for Bob Gaffney to steer you through the CARB requirements, and Stephen Davis for proper sizing and installation of DPFs. Give us a call at 559-472-7301 for a free quote.

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