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We're Certified & Ready For Clean Truck Check Testing

Hot Off the Press: The July Update on the New CARB Diesel Emissions Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) officially announced its Heavy Duty Inspection Maintenance Regulation (HD I/M) Program back in December, and phase-in began in January. This program is now known as the Clean Truck Check, a much more descriptive term that tells it like it is. Similar to the California Smog Check program for light-duty…

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Be Prepared for the New Off-Road Equipment Regulation on the Horizon

New Off-Road Equipment Regulation on the Horizon

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) continues to shift gears on fleet requirements, and the Advanced Emission exhaust emission experts are dedicated to keeping you informed. We deliver up-to-the-minute CARB announcements, that affect your legal responsibilities to comply with state and federal requirements. We provide you with the facts without all the legal mumbo jumbo…

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Enter the New Year and a New CARB Diesel Emissions Regulation.

Ready to comply with CARB's HD I/M Program? Read more about it and view timeline. Need help? Call (559) 240-6076

Back in August, we broke the news about new CARB inspection and maintenance rules about to appear on the horizon. It’s now official: You’ll need to tow the line on CARB’s Heavy Duty Inspection Maintenance Regulation (HD I/M) program. This new smoke inspection program is designed to replace the annual diesel emissions smoke test, the…

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Beware: The EPA is Cracking Down on Diesel Emissions Delete Devices

The EPA is cracking down on diesel emissions delete devices

Everyone is trying to save money these days. The cost of fuel and diesel replacement parts cause diesel emissions delete devices look very attractive. Smog-control workarounds and DPF deletes came about in 2013 when the EPA mandated systems for pollution control on diesel pickups. Manufacturers and performance enthusiasts were driven to uncover ways to bypass…

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