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AECS Mobile DPF Cleaning Keeps Your Fleet In Service To Meet Today’s National Demands

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Every truck in your fleet must adhere to an exacting schedule, whether delivering necessary goods to retailers, transporting parts and tools for construction, or dispatching time-sensitive cargo. Your customers are depending upon you, particularly during these times of national emergency.

Taking drivers offline has the power to destroy your company’s reputation. But ignoring regular diesel emissions maintenance is also flirting with disaster—Clogged DPFs lead to engine breakdowns and costly repairs. Replacing just one DPF in your fleet can run upwards of $8,000, in addition to heavy fines for CARB non-compliance.

You no longer need to make the difficult choice between taking your trucks offline for maintenance or putting off maintenance to risk driving your engines to the ground. Here at AECS, we have the ultimate solution: Our mobile DPF cleaning service. We meet you wherever you’re parked to blast the gunk out of your DPFs and keep your fleet rolling.

Just a quick call to our DPF cleaning crew at 559-472-7301, gets you on the schedule for your thorough DPF maintenance appointment. We size up your DPF to ensure it’s free of any minor defects and troubleshoot any issues. We perform minor repairs on the spot. Then we send it through our mobile Donaldson Gn2 heavy-Duty DPF Pulse Cleaner to safely and efficiently dislodge unburned ash and soot from your DPF before reinstalling your DPF on site. Our mobile unit easily accommodates the many sizes of DPFs on the market. The AECS mobile DPF team performs 90-day inspections and oil changes, too.

Need DPF repairs? We’re your pit crew. AECS is proud to carry an extensive catalog retrofit and replacement parts, including HUSS, Hug Engineering, Pana-Pacific Continental, ESW Group, Donaldson, and more. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll get your parts for you.

Don’t wait until you’re experiencing the telltale signs of DPF failure: poor engine performance, loss of horsepower, diminished fuel economy, DPF warning lights glowing on your dashboard, and breakdowns. If you’ve put in more than 150,000 miles or more than 1,000 hours of operation since your last DPF service, now is the time to schedule your mobile DPF maintenance appointment.

Have questions about whether you’re overdue for DPF cleaning? Contact our AECS in-house Emissions Consultants, Bob Gaffney and Stephen Davis, to receive advice that pertains to your fleet’s specifics. You’ll learn which CARB Regulations—Truck and Bus, Small Fleet, Off-Road Vehicles, School Bus—pertain to you. Our Emissions Consultants also keep you informed of updated CARB rules and deadlines that may impact your fleet.

To meet today’s national demands for punctuality and trustworthiness, keep your fleet in tip-top condition. Don’t delay DPF maintenance—Make your appointment for a visit from our mobile DPF cleaning truck. Call Stephen Davis at (559) 240-6076 or Bob Gaffney at (559) 285-8727.

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