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Now Performing Oil Changes

AECS is Keeping America Rolling with a Big OEM DPF Cleaning Discount This May!

Ensuring your company’s trucks are ready for the road ahead is our goal here at Advanced Emission Control Solutions. Our comprehensive Full Service Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Service covers you for the long haul. To show support for our country’s essential trucking industry, we’re offering $200 off our premium all-inclusive DPF service!

Avoid getting sidelined with nagging DPF dashboard warning lights, constant regeneration cycles, and lackluster engine performance. The solution is to make a pit stop at regular intervals to blast ash and soot out of your DPFs before it hardens and causes expensive damage to the filter cells. We recommend thorough DPF cleaning every 150,000 miles to keep your trucks running at their peak to avoid unscheduled downtime and increase the life expectancy of your engines.

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You park it, and we clean it. Schedule 24-hour turnaround time, and we’ll perform the entire job. We’ll remove your diesel particulate filter, clean it, and install it to get you back on the road without wasting your valuable time. Drop off or ship your filter, or even schedule 24-hour turnaround time to fit into your schedule. No make or model of DPF is impossible to clean—we clean them all, and at a $200 discount throughout April 2020!

Our full service advanced DPF cleaning system is simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Initial Inspection—Our DPF experts carefully remove the fuel dozer/7th injector to check the status and clean. We’ll replace the injector with a new one if it is no longer serviceable.

2. OEM-Approved DPF Cleaning—Our Advanced FSX DPF Cleaning System goes to work as the only industry-approved test bench to certify successful cleaning with accuracy after just 22 minutes of cleaning.

3. Reinstall and Test Your Cleaned DPF—Our technicians drop in your cleaned DPF with new parts and gaskets, then hook up our diagnostic equipment to your truck’s computer to run a performance check. We verify maximum performance before you return to the road by resetting the metric back to zero and running a regen check.

Take advantage of the $200 discount off our flagship, top-of-the-line, FSX Advanced Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service before this offer runs out at the end of April. Get 100% of the soot blasted out of your DPF to keep you on the road without any hiccups. Get on the schedule –Call us at (559) 240-6076 for your appointment and to speak to our DPF Cleaning Consultant, Stephen Davis.

In a hurry? Ask about our exclusive mobile DPF cleaning service. We’ll meet you wherever you’re parked to provide a thorough cleaning and fast turnaround.  Call (559) 240-6076 to ensure your trucks remain online while we perform this crucial preventative maintenance.

AECS is committed to keeping you rolling across America, and we look forward to hearing from you to ensure a smooth ride.

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