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Now Performing Oil Changes

How To Stay the Course In Today’s Challenging Times

Seize the moment. As you rethink your business to manage beyond today’s economic hurdles and survive over the long haul, take this time to future-proof your operations. Now is the time to make great strides in efficiency and savings, while the transportation of essential goods and services can move freely along uncongested highways. Reset and reboot by attending to necessary maintenance and repairs with your loyal partners here at Advanced Emission.

We realize the sacrifice your fleet and drivers are making to help communities throughout the United States.  After all, America’s trucking industry has a bigger impact on the country’s gross domestic product than in any other country in the world. Count on AECS to be on board to ensure that your truck or fleet continues to function at the highest, most cost-effective level.

Here’s how: Schedule a pit stop at Advanced Emission or have our diesel particulate filter cleaning crew come to you, wherever you are parked. DPF cleaning benefits cannot be understated. The solid facts are:

• You’ll keep your DPF warranty intact
• You’ll increase fuel economy and horsepower
• You’ll extend the life of your engine
• You’ll avoid hefty CARB and EPA noncompliance fines
• You’ll avoid paying thousands of dollars to replace a gunked-up DPF

We make it easy to take care of your trucks and travel worry-free. Want to avoid downtime? Our mobile DPF cleaning truck is at the ready. We carry a complete stock of retrofit and replacement parts on hand to keep you out of the shop. And you can rely on our Donaldson Gen2 Diesel DPF Engine Pulse Cleaner to safely remove unburned ash and soot, regardless of the size of your DPF. AECS meets you on the road to keep you on the road.

Turn to our In house, advanced FSX DPF cleaning system for a quick turnaround—the FSX TrapBurner® zaps 100% of DPF sooty buildup, and the FSX TrapBlaster® completely cleans most DPFs in only 22 minutes. As the ONLY DPF cleaning system to accurately evaluate DPF airflow restrictions, to clean both sides of the DPF thoroughly, and to be independently approved by OEM engineers, rely on the reputation of AECS to get the job done to your satisfaction. Simply pull in to our Fresno location, or experience our convenient pickup and delivery service. You can also ship your DPF directly to us via UPS, Fed-Ex, or truck freight. Ask about our 24-hour turnaround.

Schedule your DPF cleaning and maintenance now at 559-240-6076. For installation and sizing assistance, ask for our DPF Consultant, Stephen Davis, and to navigate the rules to get the lowdown on following compliancy rules, ask for our Emissions Consultant, Bob Gaffney. Let AECS ride shotgun as your dependable partner, helping you stay the course to serve your customers, your communities, and our country, today and for many years to come.

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