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Let Your Voices Be Heard! Learn About the Proposed CARB Regulations and Submit Your Feedback.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is offering a rare opportunity to submit comments before they vote on new regulations to become policy. CARB will vote on the current version of the Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation during their public hearing on October 27th. The California Trucking Association (CTS) is reviewing the Initial Statement of Reasons and will submit a comment to the Board. The CTA is encouraging their members to review the regulation and provide feedback before the vote.

You can learn about the ins and outs of this newly-proposed CARB regulation by attending a special “CARB Advanced Clean Fleets Webinar” hosted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Trucking Association (CTA) on Thursday, September 15th at 3:30 pm. CTA members: Registration is free!

What is the proposed Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) Regulation?  Fleets will be required to turnover their diesel trucks to zero-emission (ZEVs) vehicles beginning in 2024. CARB will focus on specific fleets where transitioning to ZE is feasible and critical to meeting proposed emission reductions. This proposed CARB regulation attempts to strike a balance between moving quickly to ZE from diesel while recognizing that fleets more suited to electrification should lead the way for smaller fleets to follow suit.

Who is affected by the new ACF CARB regulation? Fleets in the drayage sector (includes Class 7-8 heavy-duty trucks) are affected by this rule, and any fleet that operates at a port must also be compliant. Those fleets defined as “High Priority Fleets”–Class 2b-8 on road vehicles, off-road tractors, and light-duty package delivery vehicles fleets numbering 50 or more vehicles or receiving an annual revenue of $50 million or more per year—must follow this regulation, as well.

How can you learn more and submit a comment before the CARB votes to enact this new rule? Register for the “CARB Advanced Clean Fleets Webinar”, hosted by CARB and CTA, Thursday, September 15th, at 3:30 pm. You’ll discover how the proposed regulation will affects your fleet and business, plus you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered during this online seminar.

We encourage you to review the Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR) along with the related regulation materials, and submit a public comment, even if you are unable to attend Thursday’s webinar. Please provide feedback to Nick Chiappe at for guidance to decipher this new regulation? Give our in-house emissions consultants, Stephen Davis and Bob Gaffney, a call for a no obligation, free consultation at (559) 240-6076.

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